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Beyond Rebirthing Part III
by Sarah Stewart, RN, CHT, CMT
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How I Work

The very first thing I do is pray to attract those clients for whose souls I can do the most good.

My choice of where to start with a client is the Reconception work. If somebody came in and said, “I just want to do some work,” I’d start right there. But if they came in with their own agenda and had a list of things they want cleared now, then I work with that. I work with whatever they bring in, although I might suggest different things. Inner child work is really important; it’s a very blissful moment for people when they look into their inner child’s eyes and bond with them.

I may do six sessions with the person before we get to the prenatal period, because there are other things blocking the way. They may be doing one thing and all of a sudden they are seven years old and they’re doing something else. So go as far as you can in each session and take it up where they left off in the following session. Often, after having cleared a lot of stuff from a past lifetime, when the client comes back in for another session, many things may already be different. There is much less of a charge around certain things than there was at the beginning. Ask Higher Self about whether the client needs to go back and deal with a certain event, or whether to just run light through again and clear it the way they would have liked it to be, keeping the lessons. Sometimes, it’s as though certain events never even happened. By going back and clearing trauma from that past lifetime, whatever it was that got hooked in to create the current problems is cleared, so that when we “redo” it, the later incidents clear themselves. The “charge” from the experience is gone or diminished.

Trust what comes from the client, and then just go with it. I have done sessions where I have said, “Well, what do you need to do now?” “I just want to die.” “OK, go ahead and see what that would be like.” It is a death of sorts, it’s dying to an old way of being. So I ask, “Well, where are you now? What’s going on?” “I’m in the Light.” “Fine.” They are letting that part of them that wanted to die return to the Light and get healed. Then, after awhile, “Oh, it feels so much better.” “OK, now let that part do whatever it needs to do,” and usually it will just happen by itself. Once it gets healed, it will slide back down in and fill up that part again, but healed this time.

Sometimes you need to let them see that they are involved in a Karmic back-and-forth revenge cycle; that it is time to break this cycle of taking turns hurting each other and paying each other back.

The most important thing is that you endeavor to keep yourself as clear as possible, which may include meditation, good nutrition, exercise, having sessions yourself, etc. Do whatever makes you feel really good about yourself. Be in touch with the Divine Spirit. Keep your healing space clear.

Women Who Want To Get Pregnant

You can also use this work to help women who want to get pregnant. After clearing out the old stuff, you then invite a spirit in, if there isn’t one already knocking on the door. There are plenty of spirits who want to come through and have bodies, so the client may want to create a ritual to invite in a spirit who would be for their highest good. You don’t want just anybody, but one for the highest good of all concerned.

Sometimes there are spirits from miscarriages or abortions, or energies of guilt/anger that block conception. One session I did was with a woman who wanted to get pregnant. She had an abortion early in her relationship with her husband and never told him about it. She had not been able to get pregnant since. I didn’t feel the presence of another spirit, but her guilt was so strong that it blocked anything else from coming in. We did an etheric plane communication and let her process it on that level. She conceived the next week.


There is a wonderful video out called, Journey To Be Born, by Barbara Feindeison, about pre- and perinatal issues. One of the men who was doing a session in this video had been adopted at birth. He was very traumatized by not having been allowed to be physically touched by his mother right after birth. He just wanted to be touched, and through all the years afterward he hadn’t been able to really connect with the women in his life because of that. He kept searching for that touch. So, if we were to redo his birth, it would be important to connect with his mother, because that guy is still out there searching for Mom, even though he was adopted and had new parents.

Things like this happened a lot 30 years ago. In those days, abortion wasn’t considered, so women had their babies and then either gave them up for adoption or to a relative to be raised. The mothers were not allowed to see or touch the babies.

Ideally, the birth mother and father would hand the baby over to the adoptive parents. Both Mom and Dad could say, “It’s OK, Honey, we love you and you’re beautiful. We’re glad you’re here, and this man and woman are going to be your new mommy and daddy and they will take good care of you.” The same can also be done with inner mother and father, so that they know they are released and not just pushed aside. It would also be a very good idea to have the adoptive parents talk to and nurture the baby and its mother all the way through the pregnancy.


When there are twins, many things can happen. Sometimes, nobody knows about the presence of the second baby. The first one will be born and the second one is still inside thinking, “They don’t know about me! I’m invisible! Where’s my brother? Well, I’ve got to get out of here!” And everyone is so surprised and shocked when this second child arrives, that this shock goes right into this second baby and can cause a lot of problems. I’ve done sessions like this. I had a woman student who was a twin, and I happened to know both her and her sister. Her sister, the firstborn, was very outgoing, while she was very quiet and withdrawn. No one knew that she was there at birth, so when she was born it was a big shock. After the birth, she remained in the background the rest of her life, until this was cleared.

Sometimes, one twin will develop and the other won’t. I had a client who was a twin girl, and her brother died about a month before she was born. She was in the womb with her dead brother for a whole month before she was born. She got it in trance, and she felt total abandonment, “You can never trust men, they are going to leave you.” That’s when she made that decision. She and her brother were growing, and growing together, and then he left. And she has always been lonely.

Some of these surviving twins will carry the spirit of that other child, also. If one of the twins or triplets dies and leaves the body, that spirit may attach itself to the surviving one. So one person may have two or three spirits at birth that are attached. It then becomes a weeding out process. You don’t want to get them to leave too quickly in a situation like this, because they’ve been together right from the beginning, and they’ll be totally disoriented. They won’t know how to operate for awhile. I usually just let them have the awareness of it first, let them know that is what happened. Gradually, the other one will start to disconnect and/or teach the host person, leaving behind what is needed and helping them out in the transition. Eventually that other spirit will be released and go back to the Light and realize its full potential, which it cannot do here.


There is a lot of energy around miscarriages, and I do a lot of Reconception work with this issue. Some of those spirits just came in for that period of time, but some of them still hang out afterward and block the entrance for other spirits to come in; they are still waiting for their body. I have given many sessions and have examples of lots of babies who have been born after this clearing, allowing the forgiveness, and doing whatever dialog is needed with those spirits.

Sometimes the mother might feel guilty because she had an argument with the father right before the miscarriage. “I did it. If I hadn’t been upset that day, the baby would have stayed.” The guilt holds the energy there so that it locks it in the uterus and all the reproductive organs; no new energy can come in. So you help them to release that and forgive themselves, forgive their husband and anyone else. It’s amazing how quickly this has worked for people.


I started working with the specific time the spirit comes in because I wanted to know about abortion issues. Does the spirit come in right at conception? Does it come and go? What happens? It gave me a different understanding about abortions. And I came to the conclusion that it just has to be done with respect, consideration and love. “If it’s not appropriate for you to have a baby right now, talk to the spirit. If they hang out with you, there’s no chance of them getting a body.” You want to send this spirit to the Light after the abortion so they can come back in and find another couple who is ready to have a baby.

I suggest that you work with both the mother and father around abortion. I find a lot of men who have guilt around abortions that they really didn’t want to have done but their woman did it anyway, and then this spirit attaches itself to the man. So it’s very important to have both the man and woman gently ask the spirit to go on. It is often helpful to have a ceremony of release for the abortion, allowing both parents to release that spirit.

A lot of spirits of aborted fetuses do not go to the Light, and they still hang out, though not necessarily with the parents. I did a session with a nurse who worked in the O.B. ward who had this whole gathering of little spirits that hung on with her, and this blocked her from doing a lot of things.


Addictions cleared from the Planning Stage never have a chance to be hooked in from the beginning, if they were brought in from another lifetime and cleared from the Light. In other words, if you have gone to the Planning Stage and found that the addiction got “hooked in” during a past life, go back to that time just prior to when the hook got set in, and get the lesson connected to that experience. Really get it! Do whatever you need to clear the incident.

Eating and Weight Disorders

It can be very powerful to do Reconception with people who have eating disorders. Eating problems can start in utero if the mother doesn’t want anyone to know she is pregnant. Women might corset themselves up tightly, squeezing this little baby in there. This baby would then carry this through their life, never feeling like there’s enough room, or maybe being ashamed with low self esteem. “Maybe I’m not here. Fine, I’ll just leave.” So their spirit leaves the body, but there’s still this silver cord going to the spirit. This can cause anorexia, or it can go the other way and cause overeating. “Well, I’m going to be here! I’ll show you!” And so they claim a lot of territory.

Weight might also be a problem brought in from another lifetime. In that case, it can be cleared from the Planning Stage and dealt with similarly to addictions (stated above.)

Disease States

I work with people who have cancer and AIDS and other diseases. When I go back to the source, a lot of it is in utero as well as childhood traumas. This includes how they were accepted and treated, how the hurts went into their bodies, making the cells grow abnormally.

It has been my experience that a lot of lessons can also be learned and cleared from the Preconception Point, being in the Light. This is a really valuable place to learn about disease states. I usually ask about the same questions of the Disease as I would of an Entity. (See separate Workbook chapter on Repossession.) The disease will usually tell you anything you want to know. They aren’t used to having people communicate with them, and they are anxious to share their message. Most of the time they are just trying to get the attention of the person to let them know of stress, allergies, etc. Whatever it is, just follow the trail and you will know what to do when you get there.

Be alert for signs of agitation during the session. What are the body parts saying? Sometimes placing your hand over an area can help facilitate the emotion or thought under it. Give each part full voice to express itself.

Clear the aura with your intention, suggesting that every organ and nerve is functioning properly. All energy centers are in perfect balance. Bring them back up and go over the session to recap information for homework.

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