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Beyond Rebirthing
Part II
by Sarah Stewart, RN, CHT, CMT

Case Studies

Case Study 1 - Appropriateness
It is important in all of this work to always ask the client’s Higher Self if it’s appropriate to do what you are thinking about; don’t just assume to do it. Maybe the person is not ready to let go of the pain or learn the lesson. Even though you might be able to remove one symptom, for example, another may arise in a different way, possibly even worse, if it isn’t appropriate for them to do that particular healing. Maybe it would be more appropriate for you to work with some other smaller areas first, building up a stronger ground for the big one. Maybe getting more inner resources or more inner child work is necessary before tackling the Reconception. The perfect illustration of this is The Blind Lady Story. This is how I learned to ask my Higher Self if it is appropriate to do this session on this person. This occurred when I was just starting out with this work, and I didn’t know then what I know now.

This woman had multiple sclerosis and was blind. She could walk, but it was very painful. She used to come in for a massage every week. She was an interesting woman, and she would tell me stories about what happened in her life, and I would help her relax. Her seeing-eye dog, to whom she was very connected, died and she was very distraught. I was a massage therapist and I wasn’t doing hypnosis as such, but I had been taking a lot of classes with it. So I started asking her about her disease and just what had happened. Evidently, her leg started to get stiff first, and then she became deaf, and she was deaf for five years but she could still see.

Her husband was a military officer; he was a very rigid, gruff man. He would do the verbalizing for both of them. Then one morning she woke up and she could hear, but she was blind. So I thought if that could happen with the deafness, why not with the blindness. So I started working with her to clear her blindness, not telling her my agenda. I asked her, “What do you see? Do you see anything?” “Oh, I see this horrible green, I hate it.” And she went on about this green, so I said, “What color would you like to see?” “I love roses; if I could just see some pink.” So I had her imagine pink roses, rosey pink baby’s cheeks, and just about everything else I could think of that was pink. She was relaxed, and pretty soon, “I see it! I see pink!” And she was just delighted.

So, in the next few sessions, I got her to see other colors. Then one day I decided, that this is it - I am gong to heal her! I said, “Well if you could see something, what would you want to see?” She says, “You know, I’ve been coming to you for years, I would really love to see what your face looks like.” And I said, “Well, I wonder what would happen if you opened your eyes and you could see me.” She opened her eyes and flipped out. She started calling me a witch, asking what I had done to her. She jumped up with no stiffness in her body whatsoever and threw her clothes on, all the time screaming at me. She flew down the stairs, with me in hot pursuit, trying to calm her. She ran down the street towards her house, which was a few blocks away. She could see, she could move, she was totally clear.

Her husband called me that night asking, “What did you do to my wife? You’re in big trouble, this is it. She is so distraught, how could you do this to her?” He never mentioned her ability to see and to move. I apologized and explained that I thought she would feel good about it. Well, within a day or two, she was right back to where she had been before. I saw her on the street and she was walking with her husband, which was the payoff. Her husband took her out and paid more attention to her, saying, “Let me protect you.” She didn’t have to do the cooking or cleaning or anything if she was blind. That was a bigger payoff than being deaf. She had herself blocked off. She had set it up the way that worked for her. And I interfered. I overstepped my boundaries. I didn’t ask her Higher Self.

Case Study 2 - “Being In The Light”
The first time I really understood this concept, I had gone in to give a 30-minute demonstration session to this group of bodyworkers as to how they could combine hypnosis with bodywork. The woman I was doing the session with had bursitis and problems in her joints. So I started out just holding her head and doing a little work on her shoulder. Then I said, “Go back to the time when you felt entirely whole.” She just took off. I was still holding her head when I felt this energy shift, and all of a sudden her hands came up in the air and she just started sighing, “The Light! It’s wonderful! I’m in the Light!” She had gone right back to the Light, just like that. There were about fifteen people in the class and some of them had their hands out as she was doing this. Two women felt the energy from all this, and just slid down and started crying. I felt I was plugged into a socket and was just radiating this energy. I said to someone across the way, “What’s going on?” And she said, “I just got forgiveness from my ex-husband; it just swept over me.” I said, “Good, you can let that go now.” These amazing things were happening all around the room. We did clearings for about 15 people in half an hour.

Touching in with the Source can be a healing experience. When the woman got up from the table, she was delighted. She had no pain in her joints and she was walking without a limp. I didn’t do any verbal or physical process with her at all, other than holding on and checking in once in awhile. I kept my hands on her head; I was reluctant to let them go because that was where she hooked in. Her body was twitching, and her knee popped at one time. You may see a lot of movement with this work. I have had people go back to the Source like that and have healings happen, but never so dramatically. She tapped into where she was totally clear.

Case Study 3 - “I Was An Accident!”
I have a woman client who was really accident-prone. She rides cutting horses, and she was always coming in with bruises and cuts all over her. I said to her, “Why in the world are you doing this, what’s going on?” And I was just doing bodywork with her then. So I’d patch her up, get everything back in alignment and two weeks later she’d come back with something else. So then I started doing this work, and I said, “Let’s do something else and see what’s going on.” We did the Reconception work and we got to the point when Mom first found out she was pregnant. It was an accident, and that’s what she told people while she was pregnant. It was a change-of-life baby. She had grown children already, and she would tell people, “This is my little accident.” So that’s what this client got imprinted with during her first introduction to the world, that she was an accident. She was going to prove that she was an accident, and make her mother right. So once we cleared that, it was really difficult for her in the beginning since she didn’t know what to do with herself. She kept expecting something to happen and it didn’t. After awhile, she was starting to make things happen again to satisfy that. So we did another session around her self worth, having it be OK that she didn’t have accidents.

Case Study 4 - Bonding In-Utero
I was born during the war, and I used to have a lot of suicidal feelings of heavy depression. I got all kinds of therapy, but nothing was really working. Finally, in one particular session, I was suddenly back in my mother’s womb and my mother was rocking in a rocking chair. She was 19 years old, rocking and crying and feeling so unhappy. “If George dies, I’m just going to kill myself, what will I do?” It was 1939, and he was in the navy. And that was what I was feeling, a kind of rocking and a terrible despondency. She was angry, too - angry at him, angry at me, angry at the war, angry at men. “Men will just leave you. They’ll get you pregnant and leave. What will I do?” So then I keyed into that feeling. If a man would be angry with me, I’d think, “Oh they’re going to leave me, I’ll just kill myself.” To clear that, I went back to that time and there was no war. Everything was great. Daddy was home every night. We lived on Nutwood Avenue, had honeysuckle in the backyard, with a hammock and a swing. And then I just brought that on through as though that is what really happened. When in the other reality, Dad came back totally crazy from the war and started beating us all up, sometimes trying to kill us. By seeing what it would be like if the other scenario had happened, and then bringing it through all the years as though that’s what did happen, the trauma was cleared of the charge. You can’t change the past, there really was a war, and there really was stuff going on. But you can change your reaction to it. The charge around it is what you are changing.

Case Study 5 - Sibling Bonding
When I did a session with my daughter, and she was in the Light, I asked, “Why did you choose these parents?” She said, “I didn’t come in because of you, I came in because Steve was there.” Steve is her brother who had been born three years before, and that was so. Her brother was autistic. He didn’t talk until he was four years old, and doctors had suggested we institutionalize him when he was a baby. She bonded with Steve right away. She just thought he was the greatest thing that ever happened. He would stop crying if she was around. He was a rocker; she would clamp onto him and wrap her little legs around him, and he was her rocking chair. What fun! I also think Laurie practically came out of the womb talking. When she was about 9 or 10 months old, and was saying words, she would talk and sing songs to him. She finally got him to do it with her. She got in there and translated for her brother when she was only a year old. Finally, when he said his first word, she was thrilled to death. “Mom, he said milk! Listen!” She got him to talk. By the time he went to school, he could communicate clearly. I know that if she hadn’t been there with him at that time, all that would not have happened. My daughter was clear that she didn’t come in because of me and her father. She came in to be with Steve. So it’s interesting to find out about any connections with relatives.

Case Study 6 - Grandparent Bonding
Sometimes the mother will have to tell her mother that she’s pregnant, and her mother may say, “What! Don’t you know you can’t afford any children right now?” This happens a lot, and the baby may think, “Whew, I don’t like this lady! Forget this!” And it starts right from the beginning.

This also includes any nurturing from the grandparents. My grandson is about three months old now, and he cries every time I pick him up. He looks at me as if to say, “Who is this lady?” I have not been around him because they live in a different place. But when my daughter was pregnant with her first child, I gave her massages every week, and I talked to the baby. I went to Lamaze training with her. I was there when the first contractions started, and I was there at the birth. Since the beginning, that baby and I have had a real bond. But with the second one, I wasn’t around as much, and so we don’t feel as connected.

Case Study 7 - Separation
I did a session recently with a woman who was having some problems with her two little children. The 5-year-old said, “No, I’m not eating broccoli; I hate broccoli!” And the mother feels he has to, it’s good for him. In trance, she saw the child’s spirit without the 5-year-old body, “His spirit is just as big as mine is. There is a lot of energy between the two of us.” She was shocked; they were different colors - Mom was pink and the child was blue, and they were both the same size. I had them merge to connect some of the energy, and it became lavender. Then they danced in and out with it. Then I asked her to separate them so that the child was blue and she was pink again. I said, “Look and see what’s in there.” “Oh it’s pink with some blue.” I said, “Can you let him have his own blue and you have your own pink, separately?” Know where your energy is and if it is holding onto someone else’s. A good therapist needs to know how to merge as well as separate.

Case Study 8 - Replaying Birth
An example of a session where the client doesn’t want to keep his original parents is as follows:

(Working from the Light now, with guides present to help with information) “Look into Dad’s eyes.” “I see this awful black, gooey stuff. I’m scared and I don’t want to be with this person.” “See that part separate out from Dad and put it in a bubble of light. Now, look inside Dad’s eyes and what do you see?” Compassion will generally start to come as the ‘bad’ dad is separated out. Or you can ask the black, gooey stuff: “Why are you here?” “I came in so I could pass this stuff on through the generations.” Build rapport, “Oh that’s an interesting job. Who hired you anyway?” “Great grandmother.” “Oh that was a long time ago. You must be bored with this job by now, it’s been so long. I know a place where you can go where you don’t have to do this anymore.” “I don’t want to go.” “Well let me talk to your boss.” They usually won’t let you; and if not, after clearing it with the client and the Higher Self, ask an angel to take this black blob of stuff to its highest level of evolution. Then, get back to Dad’s little boy, without the blob; here’s the little boy who was abused, and he doesn’t know any other way to behave except to abuse, etc. Help to break that pattern for that generation as well as other generations. So, “That poor little boy, I wonder what it would have been like for him to have had a better life. Let’s let him have that. Imagine your Dad having a really nice childhood with parents who knew how to be loving.” “Yes, he’s changing.” So get Dad cleared and bring him up to the point where Mom and Dad meet. Dad is transformed, he’s nice now. Mom doesn’t want to marry him now that he’s healthy. He’s not so exciting, now, in a codependent way, so now you have to do a transformation on Mom.

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