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Beyond Rebirthing
Part I
by Sarah Stewart, RN, CHT, CMT

Part I


My mother died in childbirth when I was 13 years old. She had a baby boy who also died. She had three other children born healthy and easily at her mother’s house. My grandmother was there for the birth of her grandchildren in the same room where her own children were born. What went wrong this time? The doctor was going on vacation and he had three pregnant women who were due during that time. What a drag! Oh well, there are these new drugs that can induce labor. Why not put all three women in the hospital and do it all at once? Get it over with. My mother was one of these women.

Margaret Lucille Stewart died at the age of 33 because the doctor decided his vacation was more important than waiting for Mother Nature to take her course. When my mother died, her image came to me immediately and I “saw” the baby boy blue and bloody, and Mother with blood pouring from her vagina. Everyone in the room was in a panic except Mother. She had such a peaceful look in her eyes as she looked directly at me and smiled, “Take good care of the kids for me. I have to go now.” Then she disappeared, and I was left holding my 11-month-old brother and looking at my 11-year-old sister in the corner of the room.

That experience left its imprint on my life in ways that are still being discovered. I have worked with pregnant women and their families for many years, preparing them for birthing using yoga, breath, hypnosis, massage and just being there during the pregnancy and delivery. I have experienced home births and hospital births. My goal is to make sure the parents and siblings realize that the child within is recording everything, even before the moment of conception. This includes the lovemaking session that culminates in the actual fertilization of the egg by the sperm. I also emphasize that the family needs to do whatever they can to help this new person feel loved and wanted. This takes many forms, including stories by big sister, conversations with Baby, and gathering baby things. If these kinds of things are done lovingly and with the intention of welcoming Baby, this child is much more likely to be a secure, loving person who will pass this on to everyone he or she meets.


In the Reconception Process, I use hypnosis and bodywork as tools to access early memories and information about ourselves. It’s just a matter of getting that information to the conscious level, looking at it and asking, “What do I want to do with this?” It is in my experience that many decisions about life are made during preconception, the in- utero experience, the birth and within the first few minutes of life outside the womb. The original experience has frequently been buried as an unconscious memory which forms the basis for trauma or pain. Many emotions were locked in at this time, also. Which ones come from our moms? From our dads? From our grandparents? What was going on financially or sexually between our parents? Are these feelings or reactions familiar to me? Which ones would we change? How would we like it to be? What lessons did we learn form this experience? How would we do it differently now?

Reconception is a process which traces trauma and pain back to their origins through communication with the client’s consciousness before the development of an ego/personality. Accessing this information allows a radically different perspective on the individual’s life and the appropriate healing required. The birthing process itself is where most “rebirthing” processes begin, but actually, much has happened before birth that has been imprinted on this person. The birth itself is the completion of that period and the entry into another realm of existence.

I have a list of steps to take for the Reconception session, which I will elaborate on shortly, and this protocol is handy to have. Keep in mind, though, that it is very rare to go through the whole procedure in the first session. You may only get as far as going to the Light (which is the first step) and going back and clearing up a past lifetime in one session.

As you start to clear things, the hooks start coming undone all through your life, clearing everything out of the way that is not for your highest good. And you find it easy to let go - there is no longer a charge around things that used to hook you. It’s not what happens to us, it’s how we respond that creates the problems.

Always work with the Higher Self, that part of you that has gone from lifetime to lifetime - the Spirit. Some people don’t like that term, so I’ll ask what they would like to call it. Whatever name they come up with is fine, for that part of themselves which is their essence. Keep constant contact with their Higher Self (and yours) during the entire session. This is a spiritual journey.

Reconception Protocol

(A) Client’s History - Interview

Before trance, it is good to get some of the following information:


  • Client’s current age
  • Parents’ relationship at the time of conception
  • Length of pregnancy and how delivered
  • Where delivered, circumstances (home, hospital, cab)
  • Siblings’ names and relative ages. Twins?
  • Any known miscarriages or previous abortions
  • If breast- or bottle-fed
  • If male, was there a circumcision
  • Health of parents currently
  • Religious background
  • Any body sensations (diseases, pain, allergies, etc.) or problems of which they would like to trace the origins

These are just some of the things you can find out regarding the client’s history. You need to know their current age so you can bring them back up to that age after you finish the Reconception. You want to get as much history as you can. It will shift and change, anyway, as they go into trance. But see what their conscious mind knows about the birth and the conception.

Find out about the siblings, too. When the client is replaying the birth, it is important to have their brothers and sisters present. Sometimes the spirits of those unborn siblings will be there also. This helps to bond these relationships. I did that with my sister when I had a Reconception session. I was the firstborn, I’m two years older than my sister. As I was in the Light, I saw her there, too. I knew she was going to be coming in with me.

(B) Trance Induction
Reconception takes place while a person is in a medium to deep trance. There are many ways of inducing trance and taking them back to before conception, but there are a few techniques that I would not recommend for this. I find, for example, that if you use a “Down the River of Time” trip, or if you count backwards chronologically, they often get stopped along the way. Use the deep breathing and relaxation techniques we have already learned. (See separate Workbook chapter on Inductions.)

I invite the Higher Selves of both to be present to guide and protect the session, and to be in atunement for the highest good of all concerned. Intention is the most important part and can take a few minutes. The intention is realized by having your attention on the client.

(C) Bodywork
Bodywork is a wonderful trance induction technique. I start out by asking if it is alright to touch them and if there is any part of their body I need to be especially sensitive with. To start, do some polarity (one hand on forehead, one on solar plexus). Connect your breathing with theirs and hook up with their energy. Keep their breathing going deeper and even more relaxing. You may want to pace and lead with your voice here, as you continue to relax them deeper.

Then with your hand on their solar plexus, do a little gentle rocking, using very small movements (just let client’s body move between your hands, reminding them to breathe and let go). You can establish ideomotor signals now as you are doing this.

Then, sometime during the induction, “Take another deep breath, allowing your breathing to take you deeper down, allowing that breath to take you to the place where everything that has ever gone on with your Spirit is recorded.”

Then you can gently rock the hips (no pushing) so your fingers are lightly going back and forth, “Maybe your hips are feeling softer, more relaxed, and you can feel your body relaxing even more.” Gently rock the abdomen; the legs (rock and roll plus down strokes - when relaxed, ankles start to roll around). Hold arm by the wrist, let it flop around; push elbow in toward the body, stretch it out again. Then put arm on table, let it roll around, and smooth it down (down strokes are soothing while upstrokes are stimulating). Keep using your voice, “feeling your arms…hands…fingers.” For the neck, cup fingers under the back of the head, right at the back of the neck where the spine joins the skull in a little V; put your middle fingers there and cradle head on hands lightly. Or you can do this with one hand under and the other hand on the forehead (sandwich). This alone will often allow them to go into trance; sometimes move head around a little.

If they mention a problem area on their body, you might “sandwich” it (putting your hands on both sides, if possible) with the intention of letting the healing light come in and see what’s going on in there. Finally, “And you can just let go and relax, sinking down into that part of yourself that has knowledge of everything that has ever happened, knowing that this is your body and you can relax and let go.”

(D) Planning Stage - “In the Light”
Suggest going to the time before they were conceived in this lifetime - the Planning Stage. I lead clients to this place by just telling them to go there, “Go directly to the Light, back to the Planning Stage. Go to that place between lifetimes that has knowledge of everything that’s ever happened or ever will happen to you, and that has information about the lessons for this current lifetime. If a client is not going there right away, if nothing is happening, continue talking to them, “You can let go even more, allowing that feeling to sweep over your body.” This really depends on the person, as some people go there right away and you don’t have to do much, and others may need to take their time.

People describe the Light as different things. Sometimes they will say, “I’m in a cloud, oh it feels wonderful here.” It’s different for everybody, so we can’t have any set formula. Whatever they’re doing is exactly right for them right now. And if you can get your judge, your analytical mind, out of the way and let them have their process, then you’re on course.

There has been some controversy about what the Light or the Higher Self really means. There have been many who would say that the Light must be White Light. The Light can be any color that has significance to the client. There are many tones in the Light, also. “Listen for your sound and make the sound in your own body. Let it resonate through you and vibrate to your frequency.”

Guides - It is very important to recognize and check out any guides who are with you and clear out the ones that are not for your highest good. Just because they say they are a good guide doesn’t necessarily mean that they are. I personally prefer to work with the Higher Self, but if some people want to work with their guides then I’ll check that guide out pretty thoroughly before I’ll work directly with it. Sometimes these turn out to be entities that are just hanging around. They come in and they bring their stuff with them, such as arthritis or emotional problems. This is what happens when a client has brought in other energies that aren’t clear. Such discarnate spirits need to be escorted to the Light. (See separate Workbook chapter on Repossession.)

Karma - The Light is an ideal place to identify karma from past lifetimes and identify those times when that karma first got set in. The client may have brought a tendency toward certain experiences into this lifetime from other times. Bring up the sensations and/or problems the client is presently experiencing in the Planning Stage, such as, “Can you tell me anything about your throat, did you bring that in with you? Does it feel appropriate to go in and clear that?” It is often a past life, and if it is, process it and then say, “OK, go ahead and let that lifetime run on through, keeping the lessons and clearing out everything that happened before and after this incident that contain the charge; letting me know with your fingers when this has been cleared, and you are ready to go ahead in that lifetime and die peacefully, now going back to the Light. Let me know when you are there. How does your throat feel now? So you are coming back this time with your throat connected, your entire body connected, etc.”

When the client is in the Light, making deep cellular changes is possible, so you sometimes say, “and allow everything to go back to the most natural path; your body knows how it needs to be, etc. I wonder what it would be like if . . .” or “Imagine what it would be like if you felt healthy and happy. Feel it in every cell of your body.” Sometimes a body part is lost in a past life; it can cause pain in this lifetime. Go back and take the whole body to a better life (along with learning the lessons, redoing, bringing forward, etc.) Then come back to the Light to clear the trauma.

If there is still a charge around something, there is more pain that needs to be expressed. You can clear a lot of it out from when it originally got hooked in and then bring that on forward, which also often unhooks later incidents. I’m not saying that this is a cure-all for everything, but it has been my experience that this is what often happens. When using this process, a different perspective is allowed in. If, for example, you find that in a past lifetime you killed or mutilated your dad, then when you go to a scene in this lifetime where dad was abusing you, your perspective on this shifts. We’re helping to clear some of that karma, knowing what we know now about the situation, and how we would deal with it now, going back and helping some of our past lifetimes, bringing this forward through this lifetime for healing and understanding.

The Preconception Point is a place where you need to be creative, especially with past lives. Try one thing, and if it doesn’t happen, don’t keep pushing it. Try something else, that’s why you have all these different tools to work with. And if the client’s “Intellect” gets in the way, ask him/her to please watch and collect data and information. Sometimes the whole session is spent at the Preconception Point.

Conception - “Now drift on forward to the time your mom and dad are together in this lifetime. Remember choosing your parents. What were the lessons you chose to learn by choosing them? Watch, feel, sense what is going on as your parents are intimate, the moment the sperm and egg meet. When does your Spirit come in? What happens next? What is mom’s reaction when she finds out? What is dad’s reaction when mom tells him?”

I have found that how a person is conceived affects their sexuality the rest of their life (or until having a Reconception session). It seems like the Spirit that’s waiting to come through can feel the feelings of the dad and the mom, how positive or negative the situation was. There is often a lot of energy around birth control, unmasking all the fears, hopes, dreams and insecurities around that. Some may even experience the orgasm during the session. The Spirit may not go directly into physical form at the point of conception. Sometimes it may just hang out, waiting, perhaps with either parent or a brother or sister. Sometimes it will come in and out, or even go back to the Light. Whatever that person shares is right. They usually describe a cord connecting them to the body as they travel around.

After fertilization, there is a period of time when nobody knows you are there yet. This is a kind of in-between space that seems blissful. Nobody knows you are there but you and God.

Then what happens when Mom first suspects she might be pregnant? What’s her first thought and her first feeling? This can be traumatizing, “Oh no! I don’t want to have a baby right now!” And that’s your first introduction to being welcomed into this life. Who does she share the news with first? What happens when she tells Dad? What are the reactions of her parents, friends, lover or doctor? What are Baby’s reactions?

(E) The Pregnancy
Proceed through each month and see what’s going on. See if there’s anything that stands out for them to look at, and once in awhile, I’ll ask, “Does that feel familiar? Is that a familiar feeling?” Use the ideomotor responses to identify each month, “Let me know when the first month is complete. . .Going through the second month now, growing, multiplying, still tiny inside.”

What is happening with Mom, Dad, siblings and other relatives? Look through Mom’s eyes and hear through her ears; get as many senses working as possible. Thoughts, feelings, sounds, everything is recorded. When you are inside your mother, it’s as if you are your mother. It’s important, as you’re going along, to get the reactions from the fetus. Was Mom smoking or taking any drugs? Who were the people around her at this time, and how did they affect her? Are their voices pleasant or irritating? Even after a child is born, certain voices will still irritate them. It is amazing how much we are affected by what happened around us during this time.

Continue on, getting as many sensations as you can, and around the eighth or ninth month I’ll say, “Allow your body to move in any direction it wants to go.” A lot of times people will go into fetal position from the beginning.

If the client decides they simply don’t want to stay at any time during this experience, have them go back and see why they decided to come in this time. Talk with the Higher Self. Maybe talk with the Future Self. Go to the Light and review why they chose this life, time and place.

Then you take them on through to the end. Some people are vocal and talk a lot, and some people don’t say much at all. Each one is fine, there’s no right or wrong way. Everyone is unique.

(F) The Birth
Go through the birth experience with as many details as possible. Encourage client to move their body if appropriate. Experience the labor from the beginning, trying to incorporate all the senses. And just see what happens, how are they born. Are there forceps pulling them out? Are they spanked? What happens when the cord is cut? What is the first breath like? Extract as much detail in this part as you can.

The most dramatic moment is when they are born and feel the mother’s uterus pushing, and they cry out, “Oh God, it’s tight in here. I’ve got to get out.” They will frequently bear down, feel the pains of childbirth and actually “give birth” to themselves, fluctuating between being baby and mother. As the baby, they will actually behave as though they were being squeezed through the birth canal; they may report seeing a tunnel, hearing voices, seeing bright lights, etc.

If drugs were administered, sometimes people will just stop; they’ll be processing fine and all of a sudden they simply fade. When I ask where they are they say, “I don’t know, I can’t feel anything anymore.” So I’ll have them go outside their body, look, and report back what’s happening. Otherwise, you will sit there for ten minutes waiting for this drugged-out person to talk to you, and they can’t. Another thing you can say is, “What happens next?” If you ever see this happen, it’s usually because Mom has been drugged with something.

If they have trouble breathing, call in the Adult Self to help, or it can be put outside themselves if they want. Continue on and see what it’s like cutting the cord. Sometimes they’ll jump because the cord has been cut too soon. Ten or fifteen minutes is usually what is recommended. At hospital births they sometimes cut the cord even before the placenta comes out. With an easy birth, the midwife I work with waits. The baby is on the chest bonding with Mom and Dad and whoever else is there. Then Mom starts having more contractions (it’s like having another birth) and she delivers the placenta. By then the cord has usually stopped throbbing, the blood has stopped coming in, and this is the time for the cord to be cut.

So ask what happens during those first few minutes to an hour or so after the birth. Where do they take the baby? What do they do with it? Maybe go through the first few days, just enough for you to understand what’s going on. Sometimes they stay in the hospital for a long time with tubes in them, plastic bracelets, and all kinds of things.

A little trick I use to move clients along to the nest stage, when they are slow is, “What’s happening now? Then what? Where are you now?” This gets the process going. If they start discussing every little detail, “Go to the next time something happens. What are your feelings about that?” Keep them in their bodies about what’s going on. You don’t have to go into every detail of everything they’ve done to the baby. What is important is how the baby feels about it. Because it’s the feeling that contains the charge in the body, and that’s what you’re trying to get in touch with.

Find out how the baby is nursing; are they put on the breast or given formula? For the men, after the second day or so, most of them will have a circumcision. I remember doing a session with a man once and all of a sudden he screamed and started holding himself, and I asked, “What happened?” “They cut my penis!” They put little boy babies on a board, like a cross, and they have their little arms and legs tied down. They don’t use anesthetic because, “they don’t feel anything.”

(G) Insights Received
Bring client slightly out of trance and discuss the experiences. Ask the Higher Self to show what insights client has received during this session. Find out what the lessons were in the original time so they don’t have to be repeated.

We hold onto the charge around things, and that way we keep being the victim. If you see this happening, ask client, “How long are you going to remain the victim? When is the date when you will release that?” If the answer is right now, “See it lifting off. Is there some other role you’d rather have?” Then have them see what it looks and feels like to not be a victim; see how they respond without having to carry it around. Always transform the victim; don’t get rid of it. It has lots of energy which the client can use in constructive ways. Have them take a couple of breaths, clear that energy, and go on.

(H) Replay Conception and Pregnancy
Tell the client that they can recreate this whole experience in the most caring, nurturing and appropriate way for him/her self at this point in their life. Whatever they want to do - this is the fun part!

“Take some deep relaxing breaths; close your eyes. Keep the memories of everything that has just happened, the different feelings and reactions in your body. Is it appropriate to change them? Would you like to do that now? Take a deep breath and go back to the Light; go back to that time you were conceived. Let’s see what that would be like, for you to create this in whatever way is best for you now.” This is a good time to use positive, leading questions to help bring up and create the most loving, nurturing, supportive experiences. For example, “How could your parents/conception/pregnancy/ birth experience have been so that you would feel the most love and bonding?” or “How could this _____ have been transformed or changed so that you would feel most empowered?” “You now deserve to have the most perfect, ideal _____ . What would this be like?”

Some clients will not want to bond with their original parents because of unresolved issues. At this point you may use the inner mom and dad until they are ready. It may take several sessions to clear the parents before you are able to use them in the Reconception recreation. There are lots of different possibilities. Perhaps Mom and Dad need to be healed from the Light. Or the client may want to bring in other parents instead of getting healing for the original parents, and this is not advised. The key is looking into their parents’ eyes from the Light. In the Light you see their inner eyes, and you contact their true spirit. We can help break the karmic patterns this way, as long as you work in the Light. You can ask their Higher Self to take you to wherever such and such got imprinted, got hooked in. Maybe they need to go to a past lifetime, or maybe they need a generational healing. “I wonder what it would have been like if Mom/Dad had had a happy childhood? Or, “Look into Mom’s eyes and see if anything else is there,” because Mom might be strongly influenced by a relative. Some people will go inside Mom and see this scared little girl who’s crying. Do whatever you need to build rapport with that part; go back and clear that and get the lessons. Then run that through and do a healing on Mom’s childhood - right then. You might spend the whole session on clearing just that. I did a whole line of them one time on the female side of the family all the way through, mass healings of generations past and generations future. Usually it’s both mother and father, so in one session I might do a clearing on Mom, and in the next session do a clearing on Dad. I think it’s really necessary to clear that before you can get on with the session. If you don’t bond with Mom and Dad, you can’t separate. You have to connect before you can disconnect. So, see what the lessons are; make new contracts, etc. Do whatever you need in order to come back to this place clear.

Now, you are ready to replay the conception. “Go right back to the time when your mom and dad got together and decided to conceive you.” Just be with them then, and follow it on through; see what happens. When recreating conception, the client may be able to see their parents going to some romantic scene, whatever feels right to them. I like the idea of having the lovemaking session with the hope that this time mom will get pregnant. Really get into this part so they see Mom and Dad having a sweet time together, wanting to have a baby. Get as much enthusiasm as you can around this part, remembering that this is changing the client’s sexuality at the same time! This starts to clear a lot of their own fears and anxieties, too, around whatever it was they picked up at that time about sex. How would they want their own optimal sexuality to be?

If Mom smoked during pregnancy, see her now as a nonsmoker who is very health conscious. Maybe she is reading or playing music for the baby. This part can be done three or four times (in different sessions), bringing in different activities. Mom can do yoga every day and drink carrot juice, or collect herbs while she is pregnant. Most of all, have the parents wanting them, and Daddy being there all the time, loving this baby, stroking Mom’s belly. As the therapist, really encourage that the dad be more active in this process from the very beginning, because we have so many dads in the world who never bonded or connected with their children due to the traditional birthing process. So we want to get back to having the male and female energy with the baby right from the beginning.

(I) Replay the Birth - Bonding
If you don’t bond with your mother and father at birth, then you never really disconnect. Many of us did not have this bonding, so there are a lot of people still looking for mommy and daddy. Or, they will take on the actions of their mom and dad because they have never had their own separate identity.

In recreating the birth, have the client choose an ideal setting including whomever they want to be present. Now go to the time of the birth, doing it in whatever way the client wishes. They can be born in the water or wherever they want to. Have them choose a comfortable, safe place. “Bond with mother, father and siblings. Look into their eyes and souls; smell touch and feel them. Experience the love, connection and bliss of being wanted. Breathe the love through your heart and eyes.” Anchor in with touch if appropriate.

After they’re born, it is important to make sure the bonding occurs. As I have said, they won’t ever be able to separate from Mom and Dad until they have bonded with them. So you want to make sure that the bonding ceremony has real bonding. Most of our mothers were knocked out, and dad wasn’t there, so this is often a strange experience. Bring them up on Mom’s chest now, and have them look into Mom’s eyes. “What do you see?” “Oh she loves me so much, she’s so excited to see me.” That’s a blissful time when that connection is made. “Now smell her, taste her, feel her.” Get as many senses as you can going. Now, turn to Dad. I like to have Dad naked too so that the baby can be put on Dad’s chest, the same as you do on Mom’s chest. “See, feel, taste, and smell him. Look into his eyes. Hear his voice.” Let them stay in that space as long as they want to. You can say, “Here’s your mom and dad looking into your eyes, feel their love for you, and feel the love and compassion between Mom and Dad and the baby and the brothers and sisters.”

If a client has no idea how a father should act, then ask the Higher Self. What kind of father do they need? We can’t really know by reading books. “What kind of father would be the best one for this little boy/girl? Allow that to happen now.” This will turn it around so that you’ll get what you need by making the suggestion and allowing it to happen. If your conscious mind tries to figure out what an ideal father would be like, and you don’t have any experience with this, you can’t do it. But the Higher Self knows what would be best.

(J) Cutting the Cord - Separation
Let client decide on procedure for cutting the cord. Create a ceremony that celebrates this new baby having her/his own body, mind and Spirit - completely their own! She is a separate being with her own thoughts and feelings. Celebrate the uniqueness of this being!

After getting a good bonding, then see who’s going to cut the cord and just wait until its time. Dad may have a special instrument that he made especially for this experience, and he cuts the cord.

Now, a complete separation from Mom and Dad. “Now you are your own person. This is your own body, you own it and it belongs to you. Mom and Dad will take care of you for awhile, but this is your body and you are separate.” You want to keep the love and that bonded feeling of being nurtured and cared for there, along with the knowledge that these are separate spirits. Now you can ask who else they would like to have at the birth and have them bring in the brothers, sisters, grandparents and whoever is important to them. They can look around and make those connections also, and be welcomed into the world. I find that this often changes siblings’ relationships in present time. People who haven’t spoken to sisters or brothers in years will suddenly be receiving phone calls from them, because of having cleared something on the etheric plane.

Whether they want to nurse at this time is totally up to them. See how they feel about it. Some people are fine with it and they want to do it. It can be very effective to have the baby drinking the magical mother’s milk. “It’s wonderful, building your immune system, making you strong and powerful, etc.” You can anchor in a lot of positive concepts this way.

As the therapist, though, be careful about any maternal feelings that may come up at this point. This process can draw out feelings in you, so you just have to be careful that you are paying attention and watching your boundaries.

(K) Completion
“Bring feelings of love, bonding, wholeness and completion forward to the present time, as though that is what happened, changing those things affected by this new birth. Allow each cell to change in whatever way is appropriate for your highest good, keeping the lessons and all the experiences, and allowing those changes to take place now. Letting the Light, maybe a waterfall cleansing, or maybe that magical breast milk to come and clear out from every cell in your body anything contaminated by the past, and build new memory patterns and behavior skills.”

Make sure these feelings are anchored in really well. Get as dramatic as you want, “Every cell radiating with that love and light.” Make it exciting , so that they really feel it. This helps them to release what they need to, so make a big deal about bringing it through the cells, bringing it to the organs and muscles, and outside into their energy field. “Feel and expand this to every part of the body , and outside the body into the aura at least three feet.”

Bring those feelings of love, wholeness and completion forward to the present time, back on up to their present age. I will often use the Light to come forward and heal those events that were hurtful, uncomfortable, humiliating, etc., “Some memories may come up, and if they do, just let them pop and clear. . .through your childhood, letting all changes that are needed to take place now . . .right on through to your teens, and when that is cleared (letting me know with a signal) . . .all through your 20’s,just clearing all the old stuff . . .bringing it all the way forward, clearing that out . . 33 . . . 34 . . . right on up to today. Bringing that on forward in the next few days and weeks and months, letting that clear through every part of your body. What does that feel or look like now? Fill yourself with your own energy, your own essence, and see what is there. Call back any of your own energy from everywhere and everyone. And also release and return anything that is not yours.”

Now is the time, after bringing the client forward to the present time, to have them go forward even more . . . out to their Old Man or Woman, the older part of themselves. And then ask how their lives have changed, what has cleared as a result of having this session. Bring their own message in really strong and bring that forward throughout the rest of their life. “. . . Keeping that relaxed, calm feeling, remembering everything you need to, and walking from this day forward with the healing of the Light that is within us all. Eyes open, being right here now.”

Every relationship with a woman gets colored by our relationship with our mother, and every relationship we have with a man gets colored by our relationship with our father. And until that’s cleared in whatever way is appropriate, then it still contaminates those other relationships. So if you do the work in several sessions, you can do a lot of clearing.

Case Studies

Case Study 1 - Appropriateness
It is important in all of this work to always ask the client’s Higher Self if it’s appropriate to do what you are thinking about; don’t just assume to do it. Maybe the person is not ready to let go of the pain or learn the lesson. Even though you might be able to remove one symptom, for example, another may arise in a different way, possibly even worse, if it isn’t appropriate for them to do that particular healing. Maybe it would be more appropriate for you to work with some other smaller areas first, building up a stronger ground for the big one. Maybe getting more inner resources or more inner child work is necessary before tackling the Reconception. The perfect illustration of this is The Blind Lady Story. This is how I learned to ask my Higher Self if it is appropriate to do this session on this person. This occurred when I was just starting out with this work, and I didn’t know then what I know now.

This woman had multiple sclerosis and was blind. She could walk, but it was very painful. She used to come in for a massage every week. She was an interesting woman, and she would tell me stories about what happened in her life, and I would help her relax. Her seeing-eye dog, to whom she was very connected, died and she was very distraught. I was a massage therapist and I wasn’t doing hypnosis as such, but I had been taking a lot of classes with it. So I started asking her about her disease and just what had happened. Evidently, her leg started to get stiff first, and then she became deaf, and she was deaf for five years but she could still see.

Her husband was a military officer; he was a very rigid, gruff man. He would do the verbalizing for both of them. Then one morning she woke up and she could hear, but she was blind. So I thought if that could happen with the deafness, why not with the blindness. So I started working with her to clear her blindness, not telling her my agenda. I asked her, “What do you see? Do you see anything?” “Oh, I see this horrible green, I hate it.” And she went on about this green, so I said, “What color would you like to see?” “I love roses; if I could just see some pink.” So I had her imagine pink roses, rosey pink baby’s cheeks, and just about everything else I could think of that was pink. She was relaxed, and pretty soon, “I see it! I see pink!” And she was just delighted.

So, in the next few sessions, I got her to see other colors. Then one day I decided, that this is it - I am gong to heal her! I said, “Well if you could see something, what would you want to see?” She says, “You know, I’ve been coming to you for years, I would really love to see what your face looks like.” And I said, “Well, I wonder what would happen if you opened your eyes and you could see me.” She opened her eyes and flipped out. She started calling me a witch, asking what I had done to her. She jumped up with no stiffness in her body whatsoever and threw her clothes on, all the time screaming at me. She flew down the stairs, with me in hot pursuit, trying to calm her. She ran down the street towards her house, which was a few blocks away. She could see, she could move, she was totally clear.

Her husband called me that night asking, “What did you do to my wife? You’re in big trouble, this is it. She is so distraught, how could you do this to her?” He never mentioned her ability to see and to move. I apologized and explained that I thought she would feel good about it. Well, within a day or two, she was right back to where she had been before. I saw her on the street and she was walking with her husband, which was the payoff. Her husband took her out and paid more attention to her, saying, “Let me protect you.” She didn’t have to do the cooking or cleaning or anything if she was blind. That was a bigger payoff than being deaf. She had herself blocked off. She had set it up the way that worked for her. And I interfered. I overstepped my boundaries. I didn’t ask her Higher Self.

Case Study 2 - “Being In The Light”
The first time I really understood this concept, I had gone in to give a 30-minute demonstration session to this group of bodyworkers as to how they could combine hypnosis with bodywork. The woman I was doing the session with had bursitis and problems in her joints. So I started out just holding her head and doing a little work on her shoulder. Then I said, “Go back to the time when you felt entirely whole.” She just took off. I was still holding her head when I felt this energy shift, and all of a sudden her hands came up in the air and she just started sighing, “The Light! It’s wonderful! I’m in the Light!” She had gone right back to the Light, just like that. There were about fifteen people in the class and some of them had their hands out as she was doing this. Two women felt the energy from all this, and just slid down and started crying. I felt I was plugged into a socket and was just radiating this energy. I said to someone across the way, “What’s going on?” And she said, “I just got forgiveness from my ex-husband; it just swept over me.” I said, “Good, you can let that go now.” These amazing things were happening all around the room. We did clearings for about 15 people in half an hour.

Touching in with the Source can be a healing experience. When the woman got up from the table, she was delighted. She had no pain in her joints and she was walking without a limp. I didn’t do any verbal or physical process with her at all, other than holding on and checking in once in awhile. I kept my hands on her head; I was reluctant to let them go because that was where she hooked in. Her body was twitching, and her knee popped at one time. You may see a lot of movement with this work. I have had people go back to the Source like that and have healings happen, but never so dramatically. She tapped into where she was totally clear.

Case Study 3 - “I Was An Accident!”
I have a woman client who was really accident-prone. She rides cutting horses, and she was always coming in with bruises and cuts all over her. I said to her, “Why in the world are you doing this, what’s going on?” And I was just doing bodywork with her then. So I’d patch her up, get everything back in alignment and two weeks later she’d come back with something else. So then I started doing this work, and I said, “Let’s do something else and see what’s going on.” We did the Reconception work and we got to the point when Mom first found out she was pregnant. It was an accident, and that’s what she told people while she was pregnant. It was a change-of-life baby. She had grown children already, and she would tell people, “This is my little accident.” So that’s what this client got imprinted with during her first introduction to the world, that she was an accident. She was going to prove that she was an accident, and make her mother right. So once we cleared that, it was really difficult for her in the beginning since she didn’t know what to do with herself. She kept expecting something to happen and it didn’t. After awhile, she was starting to make things happen again to satisfy that. So we did another session around her self worth, having it be OK that she didn’t have accidents.

Case Study 4 - Bonding In-Utero
I was born during the war, and I used to have a lot of suicidal feelings of heavy depression. I got all kinds of therapy, but nothing was really working. Finally, in one particular session, I was suddenly back in my mother’s womb and my mother was rocking in a rocking chair. She was 19 years old, rocking and crying and feeling so unhappy. “If George dies, I’m just going to kill myself, what will I do?” It was 1939, and he was in the navy. And that was what I was feeling, a kind of rocking and a terrible despondency. She was angry, too - angry at him, angry at me, angry at the war, angry at men. “Men will just leave you. They’ll get you pregnant and leave. What will I do?” So then I keyed into that feeling. If a man would be angry with me, I’d think, “Oh they’re going to leave me, I’ll just kill myself.” To clear that, I went back to that time and there was no war. Everything was great. Daddy was home every night. We lived on Nutwood Avenue, had honeysuckle in the backyard, with a hammock and a swing. And then I just brought that on through as though that is what really happened. When in the other reality, Dad came back totally crazy from the war and started beating us all up, sometimes trying to kill us. By seeing what it would be like if the other scenario had happened, and then bringing it through all the years as though that’s what did happen, the trauma was cleared of the charge. You can’t change the past, there really was a war, and there really was stuff going on. But you can change your reaction to it. The charge around it is what you are changing.

Case Study 5 - Sibling Bonding
When I did a session with my daughter, and she was in the Light, I asked, “Why did you choose these parents?” She said, “I didn’t come in because of you, I came in because Steve was there.” Steve is her brother who had been born three years before, and that was so. Her brother was autistic. He didn’t talk until he was four years old, and doctors had suggested we institutionalize him when he was a baby. She bonded with Steve right away. She just thought he was the greatest thing that ever happened. He would stop crying if she was around. He was a rocker; she would clamp onto him and wrap her little legs around him, and he was her rocking chair. What fun! I also think Laurie practically came out of the womb talking. When she was about 9 or 10 months old, and was saying words, she would talk and sing songs to him. She finally got him to do it with her. She got in there and translated for her brother when she was only a year old. Finally, when he said his first word, she was thrilled to death. “Mom, he said milk! Listen!” She got him to talk. By the time he went to school, he could communicate clearly. I know that if she hadn’t been there with him at that time, all that would not have happened. My daughter was clear that she didn’t come in because of me and her father. She came in to be with Steve. So it’s interesting to find out about any connections with relatives.

Case Study 6 - Grandparent Bonding
Sometimes the mother will have to tell her mother that she’s pregnant, and her mother may say, “What! Don’t you know you can’t afford any children right now?” This happens a lot, and the baby may think, “Whew, I don’t like this lady! Forget this!” And it starts right from the beginning.

This also includes any nurturing from the grandparents. My grandson is about three months old now, and he cries every time I pick him up. He looks at me as if to say, “Who is this lady?” I have not been around him because they live in a different place. But when my daughter was pregnant with her first child, I gave her massages every week, and I talked to the baby. I went to Lamaze training with her. I was there when the first contractions started, and I was there at the birth. Since the beginning, that baby and I have had a real bond. But with the second one, I wasn’t around as much, and so we don’t feel as connected.

Case Study 7 - Separation
I did a session recently with a woman who was having some problems with her two little children. The 5-year-old said, “No, I’m not eating broccoli; I hate broccoli!” And the mother feels he has to, it’s good for him. In trance, she saw the child’s spirit without the 5-year-old body, “His spirit is just as big as mine is. There is a lot of energy between the two of us.” She was shocked; they were different colors - Mom was pink and the child was blue, and they were both the same size. I had them merge to connect some of the energy, and it became lavender. Then they danced in and out with it. Then I asked her to separate them so that the child was blue and she was pink again. I said, “Look and see what’s in there.” “Oh it’s pink with some blue.” I said, “Can you let him have his own blue and you have your own pink, separately?” Know where your energy is and if it is holding onto someone else’s. A good therapist needs to know how to merge as well as separate.

Case Study 8 - Replaying Birth
An example of a session where the client doesn’t want to keep his original parents is as follows:

(Working from the Light now, with guides present to help with information) “Look into Dad’s eyes.” “I see this awful black, gooey stuff. I’m scared and I don’t want to be with this person.” “See that part separate out from Dad and put it in a bubble of light. Now, look inside Dad’s eyes and what do you see?” Compassion will generally start to come as the ‘bad’ dad is separated out. Or you can ask the black, gooey stuff: “Why are you here?” “I came in so I could pass this stuff on through the generations.” Build rapport, “Oh that’s an interesting job. Who hired you anyway?” “Great grandmother.” “Oh that was a long time ago. You must be bored with this job by now, it’s been so long. I know a place where you can go where you don’t have to do this anymore.” “I don’t want to go.” “Well let me talk to your boss.” They usually won’t let you; and if not, after clearing it with the client and the Higher Self, ask an angel to take this black blob of stuff to its highest level of evolution. Then, get back to Dad’s little boy, without the blob; here’s the little boy who was abused, and he doesn’t know any other way to behave except to abuse, etc. Help to break that pattern for that generation as well as other generations. So, “That poor little boy, I wonder what it would have been like for him to have had a better life. Let’s let him have that. Imagine your Dad having a really nice childhood with parents who knew how to be loving.” “Yes, he’s changing.” So get Dad cleared and bring him up to the point where Mom and Dad meet. Dad is transformed, he’s nice now. Mom doesn’t want to marry him now that he’s healthy. He’s not so exciting, now, in a codependent way, so now you have to do a transformation on Mom.

How I Work

The very first thing I do is pray to attract those clients for whose souls I can do the most good.

My choice of where to start with a client is the Reconception work. If somebody came in and said, “I just want to do some work,” I’d start right there. But if they came in with their own agenda and had a list of things they want cleared now, then I work with that. I work with whatever they bring in, although I might suggest different things. Inner child work is really important; it’s a very blissful moment for people when they look into their inner child’s eyes and bond with them.

I may do six sessions with the person before we get to the prenatal period, because there are other things blocking the way. They may be doing one thing and all of a sudden they are seven years old and they’re doing something else. So go as far as you can in each session and take it up where they left off in the following session. Often, after having cleared a lot of stuff from a past lifetime, when the client comes back in for another session, many things may already be different. There is much less of a charge around certain things than there was at the beginning. Ask Higher Self about whether the client needs to go back and deal with a certain event, or whether to just run light through again and clear it the way they would have liked it to be, keeping the lessons. Sometimes, it’s as though certain events never even happened. By going back and clearing trauma from that past lifetime, whatever it was that got hooked in to create the current problems is cleared, so that when we “redo” it, the later incidents clear themselves. The “charge” from the experience is gone or diminished.

Trust what comes from the client, and then just go with it. I have done sessions where I have said, “Well, what do you need to do now?” “I just want to die.” “OK, go ahead and see what that would be like.” It is a death of sorts, it’s dying to an old way of being. So I ask, “Well, where are you now? What’s going on?” “I’m in the Light.” “Fine.” They are letting that part of them that wanted to die return to the Light and get healed. Then, after awhile, “Oh, it feels so much better.” “OK, now let that part do whatever it needs to do,” and usually it will just happen by itself. Once it gets healed, it will slide back down in and fill up that part again, but healed this time.

Sometimes you need to let them see that they are involved in a Karmic back-and-forth revenge cycle; that it is time to break this cycle of taking turns hurting each other and paying each other back.

The most important thing is that you endeavor to keep yourself as clear as possible, which may include meditation, good nutrition, exercise, having sessions yourself, etc. Do whatever makes you feel really good about yourself. Be in touch with the Divine Spirit. Keep your healing space clear.

Women Who Want To Get Pregnant

You can also use this work to help women who want to get pregnant. After clearing out the old stuff, you then invite a spirit in, if there isn’t one already knocking on the door. There are plenty of spirits who want to come through and have bodies, so the client may want to create a ritual to invite in a spirit who would be for their highest good. You don’t want just anybody, but one for the highest good of all concerned.

Sometimes there are spirits from miscarriages or abortions, or energies of guilt/anger that block conception. One session I did was with a woman who wanted to get pregnant. She had an abortion early in her relationship with her husband and never told him about it. She had not been able to get pregnant since. I didn’t feel the presence of another spirit, but her guilt was so strong that it blocked anything else from coming in. We did an etheric plane communication and let her process it on that level. She conceived the next week.


There is a wonderful video out called, Journey To Be Born, by Barbara Feindeison, about pre- and perinatal issues. One of the men who was doing a session in this video had been adopted at birth. He was very traumatized by not having been allowed to be physically touched by his mother right after birth. He just wanted to be touched, and through all the years afterward he hadn’t been able to really connect with the women in his life because of that. He kept searching for that touch. So, if we were to redo his birth, it would be important to connect with his mother, because that guy is still out there searching for Mom, even though he was adopted and had new parents.

Things like this happened a lot 30 years ago. In those days, abortion wasn’t considered, so women had their babies and then either gave them up for adoption or to a relative to be raised. The mothers were not allowed to see or touch the babies.

Ideally, the birth mother and father would hand the baby over to the adoptive parents. Both Mom and Dad could say, “It’s OK, Honey, we love you and you’re beautiful. We’re glad you’re here, and this man and woman are going to be your new mommy and daddy and they will take good care of you.” The same can also be done with inner mother and father, so that they know they are released and not just pushed aside. It would also be a very good idea to have the adoptive parents talk to and nurture the baby and its mother all the way through the pregnancy.


When there are twins, many things can happen. Sometimes, nobody knows about the presence of the second baby. The first one will be born and the second one is still inside thinking, “They don’t know about me! I’m invisible! Where’s my brother? Well, I’ve got to get out of here!” And everyone is so surprised and shocked when this second child arrives, that this shock goes right into this second baby and can cause a lot of problems. I’ve done sessions like this. I had a woman student who was a twin, and I happened to know both her and her sister. Her sister, the firstborn, was very outgoing, while she was very quiet and withdrawn. No one knew that she was there at birth, so when she was born it was a big shock. After the birth, she remained in the background the rest of her life, until this was cleared.

Sometimes, one twin will develop and the other won’t. I had a client who was a twin girl, and her brother died about a month before she was born. She was in the womb with her dead brother for a whole month before she was born. She got it in trance, and she felt total abandonment, “You can never trust men, they are going to leave you.” That’s when she made that decision. She and her brother were growing, and growing together, and then he left. And she has always been lonely.

Some of these surviving twins will carry the spirit of that other child, also. If one of the twins or triplets dies and leaves the body, that spirit may attach itself to the surviving one. So one person may have two or three spirits at birth that are attached. It then becomes a weeding out process. You don’t want to get them to leave too quickly in a situation like this, because they’ve been together right from the beginning, and they’ll be totally disoriented. They won’t know how to operate for awhile. I usually just let them have the awareness of it first, let them know that is what happened. Gradually, the other one will start to disconnect and/or teach the host person, leaving behind what is needed and helping them out in the transition. Eventually that other spirit will be released and go back to the Light and realize its full potential, which it cannot do here.


There is a lot of energy around miscarriages, and I do a lot of Reconception work with this issue. Some of those spirits just came in for that period of time, but some of them still hang out afterward and block the entrance for other spirits to come in; they are still waiting for their body. I have given many sessions and have examples of lots of babies who have been born after this clearing, allowing the forgiveness, and doing whatever dialog is needed with those spirits.

Sometimes the mother might feel guilty because she had an argument with the father right before the miscarriage. “I did it. If I hadn’t been upset that day, the baby would have stayed.” The guilt holds the energy there so that it locks it in the uterus and all the reproductive organs; no new energy can come in. So you help them to release that and forgive themselves, forgive their husband and anyone else. It’s amazing how quickly this has worked for people.


I started working with the specific time the spirit comes in because I wanted to know about abortion issues. Does the spirit come in right at conception? Does it come and go? What happens? It gave me a different understanding about abortions. And I came to the conclusion that it just has to be done with respect, consideration and love. “If it’s not appropriate for you to have a baby right now, talk to the spirit. If they hang out with you, there’s no chance of them getting a body.” You want to send this spirit to the Light after the abortion so they can come back in and find another couple who is ready to have a baby.

I suggest that you work with both the mother and father around abortion. I find a lot of men who have guilt around abortions that they really didn’t want to have done but their woman did it anyway, and then this spirit attaches itself to the man. So it’s very important to have both the man and woman gently ask the spirit to go on. It is often helpful to have a ceremony of release for the abortion, allowing both parents to release that spirit.

A lot of spirits of aborted fetuses do not go to the Light, and they still hang out, though not necessarily with the parents. I did a session with a nurse who worked in the O.B. ward who had this whole gathering of little spirits that hung on with her, and this blocked her from doing a lot of things.


Addictions cleared from the Planning Stage never have a chance to be hooked in from the beginning, if they were brought in from another lifetime and cleared from the Light. In other words, if you have gone to the Planning Stage and found that the addiction got “hooked in” during a past life, go back to that time just prior to when the hook got set in, and get the lesson connected to that experience. Really get it! Do whatever you need to clear the incident.

Eating and Weight Disorders

It can be very powerful to do Reconception with people who have eating disorders. Eating problems can start in utero if the mother doesn’t want anyone to know she is pregnant. Women might corset themselves up tightly, squeezing this little baby in there. This baby would then carry this through their life, never feeling like there’s enough room, or maybe being ashamed with low self esteem. “Maybe I’m not here. Fine, I’ll just leave.” So their spirit leaves the body, but there’s still this silver cord going to the spirit. This can cause anorexia, or it can go the other way and cause overeating. “Well, I’m going to be here! I’ll show you!” And so they claim a lot of territory.

Weight might also be a problem brought in from another lifetime. In that case, it can be cleared from the Planning Stage and dealt with similarly to addictions (stated above.)

Disease States

I work with people who have cancer and AIDS and other diseases. When I go back to the source, a lot of it is in utero as well as childhood traumas. This includes how they were accepted and treated, how the hurts went into their bodies, making the cells grow abnormally.

It has been my experience that a lot of lessons can also be learned and cleared from the Preconception Point, being in the Light. This is a really valuable place to learn about disease states. I usually ask about the same questions of the Disease as I would of an Entity. (See separate Workbook chapter on Repossession.) The disease will usually tell you anything you want to know. They aren’t used to having people communicate with them, and they are anxious to share their message. Most of the time they are just trying to get the attention of the person to let them know of stress, allergies, etc. Whatever it is, just follow the trail and you will know what to do when you get there.

Be alert for signs of agitation during the session. What are the body parts saying? Sometimes placing your hand over an area can help facilitate the emotion or thought under it. Give each part full voice to express itself.

Clear the aura with your intention, suggesting that every organ and nerve is functioning properly. All energy centers are in perfect balance. Bring them back up and go over the session to recap information for homework.

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