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Over the past years in my Hypnotherapy and Bodywork practice, I have worked with many people with traumas which began when they were in the womb. Others may have brought a tendency toward certain experiences or disease states into this lifetime from past lifetimes. Reconception is a process which traces trauma and pain back to their origins. Through communication with clients consciousness before birth and Ego/Personality Development. Accessing this consciousness often allows a radically different perspective on the individual's condition and the appropriate healing required.

Reconception takes place while a person is in a medium to deep trance state and involves idiomotor response and permission from the higher self to proceed with the process. Hypnotic regression is used to reveal the original experience, frequently buried as an unconscious memory, which formed the basis for the trauma or physical pain. Different combinations of hypnotherapeutic and bodywork techniques are then used to release the emotional charge and bodily tension associated with the original experience, which enables healing to take place more quickly.

Reconception may include running and changing incidents that occurred in the womb or in some cases past lifetimes. Most sessions take 1-1/2 to 2 hours and the client may be given homework to continue the process.

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Sarah Stewart

Sarah has been a health care provider for over thirty years using both allopathic and holistic modalities. She uses her experience as a nurse, massage therapist and minister in her practice.

Sarah is a member of the Pre and Peri Natal Association, the American Council of Hypnosis Examiners, the Holistic Nurses Association, and the International Massage Association.

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