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Supervise Your Healing
by Sarah Stewart
The person most qualified to supervise your healing is YOURSELF! This goes across all levels. Get in touch with your inner pain and direct the healing process. Self hypnosis and guided visualization are examples of ways to get in touch with the "core issues."

Give "permission" to yourself to allow the body to find its most comfortable position and move in any way it needs to find that place of peace. This permission then spreads to the subconscious where memories of the events that caused the pain in the first place are stored. The emotional component is then more easily freed, looked at in a different perspective and released in whatever way it is appropriate.

Unexpressed anger, fear, resentment, jealousy can cause much damage to the immune system. As the "healing crisis" goes through the emotional system, a person may cry, laugh, write letters of forgiveness. Whatever his or her particular situation is, his or her own subconscious knows how to handle it for its own resolution.

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Sarah has been a health care provider for over thirty years using both allopathic and holistic modalities. She uses her experience as a nurse, massage therapist and minister in her practice.

Sarah is a member of the Pre and Peri Natal Association, the American Council of Hypnosis Examiners, the Holistic Nurses Association, and the International Massage Association.
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